Thursday, April 12, 2007

1Month to Meet Some Interesting People

Dear friends,

This blog will introduce you to the 30 people I've most admired - some are dead, a few are still living; most are men, a few are women; a couple I've met in person, but most I've met through reading; most are Christians, a few are not. Their lives and works have been an inspiration to me - and, I hope, to you.

They may include: Abraham Heschel (orphaned after his family was killed at Auschwitz, whose greatest prayer is for a gift of 'radical amazement'), C S Lewis, Alan Walker, Garrison Keillor, Thomas Freidman, John Stott, Matthew Fox, Richard Rohr, Dom Helder Camara, Mother Teresa, F W Boreham, Francis, Brian McLaren, Frank Laubach, Billy Graham, Jack Spong, N T Wright, the apostle Paul, Barnabas, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, M L King, John Claypool, W E Sangster, George Will, John Updike, Dostoevsky... Don't know some of these? Well, you're in for an interesting time...!!!

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Basic idea: you read one of the 30 posts each day and complete a 'mini-course' in a month. (I might even organize a certificate for those who complete the 300 units!)

Some of the material will be adapted from the 20,000 articles on the John Mark Ministries website. It's a big site, (although many of the 100,000+ unique visitors a month tell me it's easy to navigate).

I look forward to journeying with you!


Rowland Croucher

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